Wednesday, December 15, 1993


A year later we organised a get together with everyone who had been involved in the rescue on the anniversary of the rescue. A day before the anniversary, I receive a call from Rob. “Ummm” he said, “we're going to have to cancel the get together”, “why?” I ask, “because, ummm, Vivette has just broken her back falling off a climb and is in Sandton clinic as we speak”. Go figure.

It is now 13 years on and Rob is still climbing around the Drakensberg and amongst other high peaks, I have done the odd bit of sport climbing but have vowed never to climb in the Drakensberg again. This experience having very clearly defined my own personal acceptable risk threshold. Tim has never climbed again to my knowledge.

So, if I had to wind the clock back would I do it again? Obviously if I knew that the adventure was going to cause the near death of a friend, the answer would be no but as a general question about life, the answer has to be yes. I strongly feel that if one isn't constantly attempting more than what one knows one can comfortably achieve, one isn't really living and that is what life is all about; the experience.


Anonymous said...

Well done. Well written.

Unknown said...

Roland - this a great account of a memorable epic of note! It certainly brings back memories of the rescue and reminds one of the combination of incredible luck and tenacity by everyone involved which resulted in a happy ending for all. As you say – this is a story you will never forget and relate many times in your life (although now you can just refer people to your blog!)

Justin said...

Hi Roland,

You may remember me from Waverley Boy Scouts back in the late 80's.
I remember this incident well.

Well done and well written, this is a superb account.

Justin Agar

Unknown said...

Climbing is a great bullshit adjuster...glad you all survived...

Johnny Be-Good.