Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Black Eye Blues ...

Hmmm! Now if someone came and told you the following story, would you believe him or her?

Monday morning arrives and one of my colleagues walks in with really good shiner. After a little bit of prodding he said he got it during a movie. This sounds really interesting. More prodding, and just who was he at the movies with and exactly how does one get a black eye in the movies?

With great reluctance and in a small voice he admitted that he had gone to the movies with my sister in law. More and more interesting ...

Now I have to know exactly what he did so that I don't do the same. Don't want to end up with a black eye, now do I.

Approached said sister in law for corroborating evidence. The stories tie up which can only mean that they are in cahoots.

They both swear innocence, you can draw your own conclusions.

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