Saturday, September 30, 2006

Outlaws continued ...

Started the day going to gym with Kim so that the spinning instructor can get all the pent up frustrations from several past lives out. This particular instructor just makes me want to laugh, everything has to be done at top speed and if you are slacking, she singles one out and tells one to get with the program. Dangerous class, gotta pick your bike carefully, preferably behind some large person. I hope she doesn't have a boss, managing her would require the wisdom of solomon and the patience of a glacier. There was a very good advert on TV for a Toyota tazz and in one of the shots there was a picture of a spinning instructor breathing fire and I keep on seeing this mental picture in front of me.

Went to work but left at 11:30 to go and play my annual obligatory round of golf. Boss frowns at me as I waltz out the door and reminds me that he is noting all the times I leave early and that I am now seriously in debt. My sister does volunteer work for an educational charity and the golf day is in support of this cause which is worth supporting especially in the country we are in. The fourball consisted of two actuaries, my sister and myself. I think I actually just get invited to provide the entertainment, not from what I say but from the way I play. I don't actually play, I kinda stitch the course together by going from one side of the fairway to the other, slowly homing in on the hole. Only the scottish could have come up with a game like this. I only play golf relatively infrequently, that way I have a really good ready made excuse for why I am playing so badly. Actually, I didn't really play that badly and scored 99. Some of the shots were even quite decent like the 180m approach shot that ended up 2m from the pin. Probably lucky but I prefer to think not, it was skill. really it was. Escaped home after the game and retired as soon as I could, cycling and walking 18 holes carrying a backpack full of steel was more than enough to finish me off.

Father in law had a list of things around the house that I ought to have fixed. Felt like telling him that he is welcome to fix them it he wants them fixed.

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