Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chance Irony

Yet again, I find myself having to take a couple of days at work to recover from the weekend. Not for the usual reason though! This time the weekend was squashed into nothingness between friday and monday, i.e. I worked just about the entire weekend. Saturday night was particularly bad, started at 20:00 and finished at 03:00 just in time to wake up at 06:00 to go back to work. I would not make a good medical person since I generally spend sundays after late nights trying to ignore things and not react. I know that I am not thinking nor behaving rationally so I try to think and behave as little as possible. Caron would definately agree with the behave as little as possible part at least. So between work and .... work, there isn't a whole lot to tell about the weekend. It was however rescued from the abyss of wasted weekends by a single incident that happened on Sunday afternoon when a few very old (both meanings) friends whom we see very seldom came over. I really should have planned the late night better but I didn't have full control over that.
I have been reading the "God Delusion" which I am finding fascinating, can't really give a recommendation since I haven't finished it yet but thus far, if you are spiritually or intellectually adventurous, give it a go. The chapter that I have been reading is about whether the complexity that we see in the natural world came about 'By Chance' or by 'By Design'. 'By Chance' implying evolution and 'By Design' implying by god. The argument goes that it is highly improbable that the complexity all around us came about by chance therefore it must have been by design and therefore there must be a god. QED.
Back to Sunday afternoon, I was lying outside in the shade of the plum tree, and no, a plum didn't fall on my pip, when Paul arrived. What a coincidence he has just bought the same book and even more remarkably we happen to be reading the same chapter. Remarkable, what is the probability of that happening. Highly improbable I would say, too improbable for it to have happened by chance, it must have been by design. Hmmm, and here arrives the irony. Why would god have it that both of us read the same book that is dedicated to proving that he doesn't exist?
Ok, Ok I can hear the inquisition at the door already demanding that I shouldn't be comparing apples with pears and I have too agree but only insofar as comparing 'By Chance' and 'By Design' is also comparing apples with pears.

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