Monday, October 16, 2006

Sundays should all be like this

After Saturdays exertions it was great to wake up late-ish i.e. after 07:00 having had an absolutey awesome nights rest. It is a pity that it requires so much exercise to get to sleep so well, Caron on the other hand needs no invitation to sleep. She's a total natural. Took the cars for a wash 'n polish before we went to our local nursery which has an excellent restaurant on the one side. A bit wierd having a restaurant in a nursery but it actually works quite well. I normally get to read the newspaper while Caron goes plant hunting. A friend of mine refers to this as dog food shopping, he buys the plants, she plants the plants, the dogs eat the plants, he buys the plants etc, etc, etc.

Very nice setting, loads of parents and children but we just sat quietly in the corner minding our own business, reading our newspapers. We spent most of the time looking for properties and trying to assess the market for a possible splurge on a property. It's just investigating at the moment and I actually don't want to move since we are quite happy in our current home but the times, they are a-changing and we need to move with them.

Went to see several properties in a number of suburbs and were happy to see that, once you reconcile yourself to spending ludicrous amounts of money, there are actually some really nice homes available.

Went past Kirsten and Carls for a very pleasant, as usual, visit. Kirsten was her usual feisty self and Carl was the suitably demure husband. Hmmmmm!

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