Saturday, October 07, 2006

Up, Up and Away

A travel filled week. Caron departed on Tuesday for London so I was left to be a bachelor for the week. Not that I did much bacheloring seeing as I flew to Cape Town on Wednesday and back on Thursday evening. Quite amazing how flying does actually tire one out even though you are just sitting there doing absolutley nothing. It is similar to travelling in a car, you just sit there and when you get to your destination you feel tired after having done ... absolutely nothing.
Went to Cape Town to help with the launch of a new product which I am particularly proud of since it incorporates several technologies which are pretty rare and in some cases unheard of. You will probably find a geek hiding in a corner somewhere else in the world also thinking that he has invented something earth shatteringly brilliant. Time will tell if it really is novel or if it is just part of a large wave of innovation happening on cell phones. The launch went pretty well with some insightful after launch questions which is normally a good sign that the audience was at least awake.
Met three people which I happen to know (two separate ones going to Cape Town and one on the way back) going through the airports. What are the chances of that? Obviously greater than zero since it happened but still!
Went to go and see "The Devil wears Prada" for management lessons in the vein of Atilla the Hun and his management principles. I think I need to get a lot tougher at work, maybe wearing Prada is the secret. Originally it was going to be just Kim and myself going, that was on Monday. When I looked at the internet to book on Tuesday it was only on at some obscure cinema in Krugersdorp. Now, if a movie opens in a single cinema in Krugersdorp it means that the distributors really, really, really don't expect it to do well. Kim was insistent, she wanted to see the movie. Logged in to book on Wednesday and, relief, it is now showing just about everywhere. Need to book for Kim as well as Laurel now, hang on, yet another email. Kim, Laurel and friend Glenda. Better book quickly so the guest list doesn't get any longer. Going out with two divorcees and one of unknown marital status is going to be intimidating enough with anyone else joining the fray. By Friday the composition of the party had changed totally. Kim was sick so she couldn't make it. Replaced by Tony. Glenda couldn't make it at the absolute last minute due to someone hopping over the wall of her complex so it ended up Laurel, Tony and myself. Very enjoyable, maybe not a great movie but well worth seeing. While we were watching it in Sandton, Caron was busy watching it in the aircraft en route back to SA, talk about a virtual date.

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