Monday, November 13, 2006

Blue arsed weekend

Went out on friday evening for dinner and a movie called "Children of Men" which looked the best of a sorry selection of movies and now, having seen it, the others must be pretty awful. The best part by far of the movie was Michael Caine who was excellent as the disillusioned journalist. There was precious little to recommend it other than that, no convincing story, no twist in the tail. Just a dark, morose, movie and it could have been such a good movie since it is based on a really novel premise. Pity. When the trailers are more enjoyable than the movie, the director has missed the target.

Saturday was a bit frenetic. Vet to get Al checked up, somehow he knows when he has to go to the vet because he makes himself scarce just when you need to put him in the carry case. Back home, drop cat. Off to woolworths for weekly shop, back home to drop shopping off. Off to picture framing shop to get yet another photograph framed. I am now only two pictures away from finishing my gallery which has taken over the one whole wall in the lounge. Quite nice walking into a shop and the proprietor greets you by name and knows exactly which frame to use so it only took 5 minutes to choose the borders and disappear towards Fruits and Roots for a healthy breakfast. Saw Chris and Theresa briefly at Fruits and Roots, Theresa looking a little awkward for some reason. Off to the bicycle shop to buy a saddle post with a shock absorber built into it. Time will tell how well it works but at R200.00 it is much, much cheaper than buying a full suspension mountain bike at R10 000.00. Quite looking forward to trying it out on the mountain bike. Home for a moment to drop Caron off before traipsing into work to help with a change control. Stopped at the bookshop on the way home to buy fedora core manual. Home, change into my tux which is about 20 years old and gets worn approximately once every two to three years. Pleased to say that it still fits more or less. Off to Carons' companys end of year function.

Arrive at the function and the first thing we see is a semi naked man in the parking lot who turned out to be Robin, an old colleague of Carons. He was getting changed in the parking lot and I couldn't resist the opportunity to get in a couple of wolf whistles and comments to which he responded in kind. The function was held in a hangar which doesn't sound like a great place to hold a function but Carons company is large enough that it actually felt fine. Evening started off with a fashion show. Yes, a real dinkum fashion show complete with gorgeous models. Some of the models were a bit inexperienced and you could tell that they were very self conscious which I totally understand. I could never be a model aside from the obvious problems of only being 5'6 and not particularly photogenic. Made the mistake of letting one of Carons work colleagues get me a drink, it must have been at least a quadruple whisky. No friggin' food at the function and definately very little vegetarian food. Went home really hungry which didn't bode well for the ride on Sunday morning. Dropped Caron off at home put the bike rack on the car and went to work at 23:30, completed the afternoons change control and got back home at 00:30, exhausted.

Alarm woke me at 04:30, couldn't believe it was time to get up. Took a while surfacing and was a little late which Glynne took great glee in pointing out to all and sundry. The gentle 80km ride turned into a bit of a race with 5 people in the group. After about 30km we were averaging just short of 30km/hr which is very fast for a training ride. Fantastic riding, great weather just a pity about the speed. Ross and I turned around at 35km while everyone carried on since neither Ross nor myself wanted to do too much. I think I was feeling the aftereffects of the late night, alcohol and lack of food because I didn't feel strong at all on the ride. Finished the ride, dropped Ross off at his house and went home.

Shower, catnap and back into the car to go down to the dam (90 minutes) to see Kirsten and Carls new weekend cottage. Some cottage. Very nice motorboat with 200hp motor, plenty of vooma!. Had real duzi of a thunder storm which was awesome watching it over the dam. If you aren't going to make it big in this life at least organise that you have a family member or a friend that does so that you can at least taste the life. Pack up house and boat, drive home, buy Indian takeaways, retire home. Exhausted.

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