Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter weekend continued ...

After such an energetic start to the weekend I am happy to say that we took the Saturday and the Sunday particularly easy, in fact I can't really remember actually doing anything at all so it must have been good but by monday I was needing to do something so when Glynne phoned to see if I wanted a ride, I was keen. Jason wasn't able to join us because he was working or so he said but I'll just have to believe him. Without him I thought the ride would be a nice tempo but I hadn't reckoned on two of Glynnes' cycling partners, one of whom, Darryl is another Jason. Not respite for the wicked! For some reason I kept on wanting to call Darryl George, there is something distinctly George like about him although I don't know anyone that even looks vaguely like him. We rode out to the Cradle of Mankind and then turned around and got caught in a nice highveld storm complete with lightning and driving rain, no hail thank goodness. It is usually more enjoyable to appreciate the storm from inside a building but one doesn't get to really appreciate the force of the drops nor the icy cold that leaves one's fingers and face numb from cold. By the time I got home the ride was over 100km and I was buggered and spent the entire rest of the day recovering. I think we averaged 26-27km/hr over what is actually quite hilly terrain. Having to do this every day would really make my desk job look rather attractive. After feeling a little bloated from too much eating and not enough activity, the ride took more than adequate care of evening up the equation.

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