Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just another weekend ...

Saturday morning started out as it usually seems to with me chasing the rear wheel of the bicycle in front of me. The riders in front may change but the chasing doesn't. Did about 90km's at just over 25km/hr which wasn't too bad, even felt like I was just cruising on a few occasions. We rode past the Lion park whose owner had been snacked by the resident lions the day before. Apparently they want to put the lion down for doing what comes very naturally, I think that is a bit tough from the lions point of view. Can you imagine a hunter killing a buck and then himself being terminated because he "might get into the habit" of killing buck. No I didn't think so! There is a reason why you are asked to remain in your car because even a lion who hasn't snacked on humans would not take long to figure out that we are edible. I think we just don't like thinking about how puny we actually are so we slaughter anything that reminds us of our frailty.

Saturday afternoon we dressed up and went to Johan and Lorraines wedding in Pretoria - somewhere beyond the Jukskei and our first wedding for many years. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my one and only suit bought about 10 years ago for my own wedding still fitted me. My father has a theory, for which there is ample proof, that suits mysteriously shrink if left in the closet. It was a interesting wedding because the bride is from an English family while the groom is from an Afrikaans family so it was a real mixture of cultures. I suggested that perhaps they should speak a neutral language at home like French but Johan was somewhat less keen than Lorraine, possibly because Lorraine speaks fluent French as well as Afrikaans and obviously English.

Apparently there was some concern when they were working out the seating arrangements because the only people we knew there were the bride, the groom, the best man and his spouse and they were all at the "main" table so we definitely couldn't sit with them so we were left to fend for ourselves which was quite novel and we ended up sitting between two odd couples. On our left was a 30 year old guy who was clearly worried about being left on the shelf and on his left was a younger girl who seemed quite keen on him not that it was reciprocated. On our right was a couple, sort of. Although they had all the rings they behaved very uncouplish and clearly didn't know each other very well from the topics of conversation that we were eavesdropping in on. Actually the whole table made both of us feel very old and parentish - a very odd place for us to be.

We left quite early since we had quite a long drive to get home and we were both quite tired. About 2/3 of the way home I relinquished the drivers seat to caron because I was starting to get too sleepy. Caron had forgotten her glasses at home so her driving was as erratic as mine so while I was dog tired in the drivers seat, as soon as I got into the passengers seat I was wide awake.

On Sunday morning we joined Kim for her birthday at Moyo's restaurant at Zoo Lake. Moyo's is a very African Chic chain of restaurants with a very good reputation. Besides Laurel and obviously us, Vic & Elize as well as Sally-Anne and Brad and their respective assorted children joined us. I kept pretty quiet, intimidated by the verbal firepower on display, and just listened to everyone else's conversation. If you ever have a chance to go to Moyo's at Zoo Lake, just going to see the decor is worth it.

We spent the afternoon at Emmarentia dam, if one can call it a dam since it is more reminiscent of a large puddle, looking at kayaks. Caron has been keen on getting a K2 kayak for a couple of years so the time has come to look seriously into getting one.

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