Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not so fast ....

Hmmm! I'm getting more than a little bored sitting at home now which I take to be a good sign. If I'm really sick I am very happy to just laze around at home doing absolutely nothing but as soon as boredom sets in, it is time to get out of the house and on with life. So yesterday morning I convinced Caron to take me to work for a half day which seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a good idea, it is just the consequences that aren't so cool. After enduring the 40 minute grind through the traffic which really reminded me how wonderful it is to do it on the bike I arrived at work to negotiate my first obstacle which was the stairs. It doesn't sound like much of an obstacle but you just try climbing or descending stairs without bending your knees - it's not so friggin easy! I spent a productive few hours at work before the frequency of phone calls asking why I hadn't already left increased so Aubrey, our driver, took me home. I found out later that both Kim and Laurel had given Caron a blast for letting me go to work in the first place. Worse still, Caron, not happy at my progress towards the back door at work took to phoning my colleagues and asking them why I had not yet left. Very underhanded I would say but quite effective.
Today I'm feeling fine but my left foot has kind of seized up and I can barely wiggle my toes. My right calf feels a bit like I've pulled some stitches out but obviously I can't see this to confirm and it always feels much worse than it actually is.
Aubrey arrives at 09:00 so today is going to be interesting.

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