Saturday, May 19, 2007

Psychologically Incapable

Caron, once upon a time, tried to donate blood but after several attempts gave up or rather was told by the nurse to give up. She even received a document from the nurse stating that she was psychologically incapable of donating blood - every time the needle came anywhere near her she would faint. I can't donate for a different reason, they rejected my blood as not being of sufficient quality muttering something about malaria ...
As mentioned previously, my sister and brother-in-law have dumped their spawn on us for the weekend while they swan around in Prague courtesy of said brother-in-laws firm. In preparation for this event, Caron and I underwent a psychological self test to find out exactly how much trouble we were going to be in for. The results where not encouraging, according to the profile we both, by a long way, have our lowest scores in the personality types necessary for parenting.
This weekend is going to be interesting indeed - too late to bail out now. Kirsten and Carl flew out yesterday.

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