Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Round and round the puddle

I haven't mentioned, I think, that we are now the proud owners of a K2 Kayak which we can use to paddle around Emmarentia Dam which is a tiny puddle of water not far from us. The kayak is over 6m long so putting it onto the roofracks means that there is over a metre of kayak sticking out over each end of the car and driving the car with the kayak on top makes me feel like I am about to put the bow through some hapless cars back window. On Sunday afternoon we packed the kayak up, fetched Hannah and went paddling mostly expecting to fall in which I am happy to say, we didn't do. Things are a bit wobbly at the moment and we are only just beginning to get the hang of how to actually paddle - it ain't the easiest of things in the whole world. In all we did five laps, three with Caron and two with Hannah and I can see how this could become quite a strenuous sport. Just after Hannah's second lap when we pulled to the shore there was a grey haired guy who turned out to be Bill, the Dabulamanzi kayaking coach, who reprimanded us for not having Hannah in a life jacket. After having reprimanded us, he then proceeded to explain the basics of how to paddle and it isn't the same as what I've read in a book on paddling. Really quite enjoying this and Caron is not quite as tense as she was the first time, I think next time I'm going to force a capsize so we can just get it over and done with. Bill confirmed that we had purchased exactly the right kayak which was a relief because when one is new to something one is never quite sure whether to believe the salesman or not so if you want to take up kayaking, I would recommend Canoe Concepts. I'm sure we're going to be doing some more paddling next weekend with more children so I am going to have to buy some lifejackets before the weekend.
While we were paddling around, a couple who were picnicing beside the dam had their umbrella blow over and into the water. It landed upside down and the wind carried it ever further from the shore so we headed it off in the kayak and returned it to them. The next lap, the umbrella was in exactly the same position on the shore just waiting for the next gust. Some people obviously don't learn. It was surprising how fast the upside down umbrella moved over the water and I felt a bit like a boy scout - my good deed done for the day.

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