Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Social Butterfly

Last night I arrived home from work and just stared at the fire. There was no energy left to read, write or even let my eyeballs be amused by the flickering images on the TV. Why? you may ask and the reason is very simple - too much socialising in too short a space of time. Gone are the days when I had to force myself to stay at home one night a week.

Friday night we met George, Yvonne and Tony to go and see a movie. We were going to see Spiderman 3 but the girls weren't so keen so we ended up seeing pirates of the caribbean 3 which was ok. The movie had everything but somehow missed the mark but I can't point to any one glaring weakness and yet we all came away somewhat unsatisfied. Maybe what it missed was the freshness of the first one.

Saturday we had invited Jason, Cathy, Rob, Vivette, Ross and Alida as well as assorted children around for an early dinner. I made a roast lamb in the weber which, I am told, was delicious. Very enjoyable evening, lots of laughter and several bottles of wine demolished. I think everyone else enjoyed it too. Ross, Jason and Rob are all cut from the same cloth, they all love pain and the more of it, the better. Jason is now trying to talk me into doing the comrades which, while my mind is kind of partial to, my body is most definitely not. After a while on the back foot I decided to get on the attack and suggested that we do the "Freedom Challenge Race" which is the 92km comrades run and the next day you start the 2200km mountain bike ride towards Cape Town and if that isn't enough - to finish it off you do the 5 day Berg River canoe marathon. How is that for extreme. Jason wasn't quite so keen and the conversation changed tack.

Sunday we went paddling with Tony and no, we still haven't fallen in, before meeting Pippa and Glynne for supper. Glynne ran to the restaurant - he's not well but then most triathletes aren't. Quite enjoyed the paddling but it is going to take some time before my hands get the calouses required for paddling. I even managed to get some photographs of Caron who, if you don't know, is extremely camera shy. I had her in a fix, either she could smile and be sweet or swim in the 4 deg. C water. Smile and be sweet it was.

Notice how tony is posing for the photograph.

Safely back at the side of the dam.

Monday I met Carl and Wayne for whisky and cigars at Katzies. There was only the three of us instead of the usual five to eight. About 21:00 a good looking girl of east european origin walked up to us and handed out cards advertising "The lounge" which is a lap dance club which is a euphemism in itself but I do happen to know where it is because my offices are less than 100m from their front door. The look on Waynes face when he was informed what it was was, as mastercard would say, priceless. Wayne is a christian pastor so probably not part of the primary target market.

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