Thursday, May 31, 2007

Solar powered refrigeration

Trying to be a environmentally conscientious person these days is fraught with danger sometimes from the most unexpected of places. On Sunday afternoon Laurel plus all junior members of the family pitched up to have a shower since their water was off due to a leak which the municipality was busy fixing. No problem, they bathed and showered as did we before we went out for supper. The next morning, I got into the shower and it just wasn't as hot as it usually is but I wasn't really thinking about it. When Caron got into the shower it went from reasonably hot to icy cold as the last of the hot water ran out. One VERY cold wife with a sense of humour failure spells danger. I sidestepped the issue and referred everything to Laurel even though, in reality, I should have seen this coming. Laurel on the other hand, definitely didn't see it coming.

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