Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weekend Broken

It's been a tough week but things are finally starting to look up and it all started on last friday night when Alistair and Megan arrived, not they actually had anything to do with it. Saturday morning started at about 02:00 pretty much just after I had gone to bed when my cell phone kept on bleeping at me to inform me that all was not well at the office. It had the really annoying habit of bleeping and then waiting just long enough that I had to actually wake up to think about what to do next before it would bleep again to tell me that all was well. Then it would wait just long enough for me to fall back to sleep before bleeping again - it must be psychic.
After this weekend we are now both thoroughly convinced we were not intended for parenthood. If it wasn't for the tv and dvd's I think we would have been in real trouble but fortunately both megan and alistair love the tv. Maybe it is the feeling of being able to move one's eyeballs without engaging the brain or any other part of the body that does it for them but dragging them away from the tv was no mean feat. This leads me to the conclusion that my sister doesn't let them watch enough tv and they are suffering from tv starvation so when they arrived here and we weren't too firm with them they just naturally took the gap. Alternatively of course, we could have planned this to ensure that we never get them again. Damaging their eyeballs from overuse, what were we thinking? Hmmmm!
Saturday night was a change control night so I only arrived home at 01:00 and we woke up to a rainy day. This global warming thing must be happening, it is very unusual for us to get rain at this time of the year. We were going to go paddling with the little 'uns but the rain put paid to that and we went out for breakfast at Sandton city. At this point i went and hid in my study and refused to come out until it was time for me to leave for Cape Town at about 12:00 conveniently leaving Caron to the attention of the two little monsters. I was blissfully unaware of the goings on after I left but I have it on good authority that they had a decent tiff just before they were about to bath. What a relief, they are normal after all.

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