Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Black Book

Went to see the film "Black Book" by Paul Verhoeven on Sunday evening with Pippa and Glynne. What a great movie but definitely not for the prudish nor the faint of heart. Pretty intense viewing but highly recommended and it really does put the issues we have in South Africa in a very different light. Compared with the conditions shown in the movie we live in paradise but it is a pity that it takes something like this to put things into perspective. Watching it was a little weird because it was in Dutch with English subtitles and although my Afrikaans is pretty poor I could definitely follow the audio while reading the subtitles at the same time. Came out of the movie a little traumatised and that was just from watching what actually happened to people. I don't know how those who survived WWII actually managed to move on with their lives. Not exactly a feel good movie.

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