Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekends Past

Aaaaaarghhhhhhhh! What a weekend. Not a weekend at all really more like an extended form of purgatory. Every year Caron & I start running out of steam in about October or November and from there we just manage to survive to the December break to start all over again. This year, we're that tired and it is only just August. Not sure how we are going to survive. I don't know what business is like elsewhere but it is absolutely cookin' down here - every evening I get home and it feels like the day went by in a blur.

The weekend started off with a public holiday on the thursday when I finally had some time to re-arrange the wiring under the desk. Wiring must obey some kind of a universal law which states that given enough time it will get inextricably tangled up without any human intervention which means that, as you guessed - there was a rats nest of wires under the table which needed to be sorted out. It is all neat and tidy temporarily now and the one pc has been retired in favour of the linksys router/hub which makes things much less complicated. It was really great, I replaced three pieces of kit - a switch, a wireless hub and a PC based firewall all with the linksys. Probably not the most exciting piece of news for most people but for the technically literate - I now have gigabit wired network and 108megabit wireless network at home. Pretty cool - well I'm excited about it even if nobody else is.

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