Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The family comes home to roost

Caron and I once used to joke that we were doing so well with family. We, even though we really can't claim the credit, had managed to get my brother to live in pietersburg, my one sister in london, my other sister in scotland, carons sister in botswana and her other sister in nelspruit and her parents in hillcrest. Life was good, uncomplicated but slowly and surely all our hard work has unwound. My sister lives just down the road about 3km away, carons two sisters and her parents all live within about 0.5km, my brother, although not exactly close, is at least in johannesburg. Even the scottish sister has moved to Abu Dhabi which is closer. I'm worried, they may be gravitating back.

The latest arrivals have been caron's parents who moved up from hillcrest last week wednesday so they have spent the better part of the last week sorting out the garden cottage where they are going to live while they build a granny flat at kims house. They have had to put most of their possessions into storage which is not a trivial matter considering that carons mother is a potter (kilns and clay) and her father is an artisan (lathes and other heavy metal objects) and inevitably, something they will need in the next six months will be buried in some inaccessible corner of the storage.

P.S. We actually get on well with most of our respective families most of the time.

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