Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday 30 Dec, 2007

Megan woke up sick during the night so K&C didn't get such a good nights sleep and she was unable to go to ski school for the morning so the fogies were drafted to child mind.

Our room has bunk beds in it so we were intending on sleeping in separate beds but Caron had other ideas and we slept in the same single bed like a couple of teenagers. Not too bad for one night but I'm not going to be able to do it for the entire two weeks so the first order of the day was to rig up a proper double bed which turned out to be surprisingly easy.

Caron and I went off to do Proclou while Kirsten and Carl booked Alistair into school. Caron is still slow but actually looks fine, I still struggled on the last section of Zore which is icy and mogully. Tetras is still a great run. We had about 50mm of snow overnight so the runs were absolutely fantastic. Darrell went off quite early and ran Bleue de Arare which must have been quite fun so early in the morning and with the new snow. Judging from the steeper sections of blue runs I wonder how I managed the red runs last time I was here – maybe I just struggled down them instead of skiing them. I definitely prefer the less steep runs where one feels like one is actually skiing rather than just surviving. The weather was quite cloudy which made for absolutely fantastic views as the day wore on.

During the afternoon, we took all the children skiing which was interesting. It's a pity they don't understand what a privilege it is for them to be having this experience so early on in their lives.

We went out with the children in the afternoon which was quite fun but after they went home I ran another run which was a mistake. It was after 17:00 by the time I did the last little run into avoriaz and I couldn't seen the moguls at all which resulted in a spectacular nose first dive into the snow. Fortunately it was dark enough that nobody could really see.

Caron made vegetable soup for supper which combined with a bottle of wine was absolutely delicious. We retired early again.

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