Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday 7 Jan, 2008

It's raining! After a really good day or so, it is now raining which means all that nice powder snow is turning to slush which doesn't make for the most fun to ski on. The weather is still pretty miserable so we all stayed indoors until after lunch when it cleared up a bit. The weather predictions are amazingly accurate.

In spite of the inclement weather the children were bundled off to ski school and Kirsten and Carl retired to the flat where they proceeded to fret over whether they should have send the kids out when they themselves weren't going out due to the weather. Eventually they were feeling so bad that they went to fetch them and they arrived home dripping wet. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning when all the water will have frozen and it will be slippery as hell.

By this time, we'd all been cooped up in the flat for it felt like ages and I was starting to get cabin fever. It's this uncomfortable feeling and you just don't know what to do with yourself, this is simply solved by a good dose of outside activity – weather permitting of course and therein lies the dilemma.

We decided to go for a walk and SMS's george and yvonne to find them at a cafe quite near our building so we joined them for a drink.

We joined Kirsten and Carl for lunch and then we were back on the slopes. We decide to try bleue do arare with the kids but it was terrible. It felt like it was my first time skiing, I was all over the place but fortunately so were everyone else and in these conditions everyone decided to retreat to Super Morzine where we all know the runs well and we wouldn't have to contend with difficult conditions as well as poor visibility.

We had a wonderful afternoons skiing where the poor snow conditions were compensated by the ease of the runs and there was a fantastic sunset to bid the day farewell as we made our way home, cabin fever a thing of the past. Having it for only a day, I can understand why Sweden has the highest suicide rate in the world. I just can't imagine being cooped up for 6 months of the year.

After a supper of hamburgers, or in my case, fish burgers we all dressed up and went out tobogganing again and this as surely as day follows night led to a snow ball fight. The problem was that with all the rain, some of the snow balls were more like ice balls and there were a few injuries. Kirsten and Carl were hiding behind some mesh which made them awkward to aim at. Nevertheless I managed to get Carl on the ear with the remains of a snow/ice ball after it had penetrated the mesh. Of course I managed to get Megan in the mug again which produced a small amount of tears before she once again decided that getting even was much better and started throwing with real anger.

We wanted to have crepe's for pudding but the creperie was already closed so we retired to read and drink.

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