Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday 5 Jan, 2008

The morning started as every morning has with me writing up my diary while the coffee percolates and the water boils for the morning tea. It has traditionally been my time of peace and quiet but lately I've had two savages who hide behind their door and as soon as they hear me making any kind of noise, like opening the door, they are out to come and watch me. They have been inordinately fascinated by my fishtank screensaver which they can watch for ages. Alistair has been amazed at how fast I dial which translated into adult speak means type.

Today is travelling day for Heidi and Darrell and my parents which we don't covet at all for two reasons. Firstly, it means that the end of the holiday is nigh and secondly travelling just isn't that much fun. Kirsten and I went up to help with the luggage which is just as well because they had an amazing amount of it. Once most of it was down I phoned the taxi service, picked up the last little bit of luggage and by the time we got outside the taxi was already there. That is too efficient for words but I think that it was more coincidence because about 5 minutes later another taxi was wandering around outside obviously looking for a party.

We said our final goodbyes and they were off, the wrong way so we waited outside for a few minutes before we saw them tearing up the road on the other side of the village centre heading in the right direction. A last wave and they were gone.

We took our time having breakfast and getting ready before we all headed out. We happened to meet Jean Paul with another student from South Africa who happened to live in Hurlingham, a stones throw away from us. The Van Der Riets soon left us far behind so I spent some time trying to help Caron start parallel turns. I think that the problem is that she is terrified of going out of control everytime her ski's point downhill which is every turn so we tried doing J turns where for a brief moment her ski's point downhill. It sort of worked but I think Caron will have to practice loads.

We met up with the Van Der Riets at Carons favourite crepperie where everyone bar myself had crepes and either hot chocolate or Vin Chaux which is becoming a firm favourite. Had some fun with the video camera filming the expressions of delight as people munched their way through their crepe nutellas.

We all headed up to Coombe a Floret which would be Carons first real run outside of the Super Morzine area. This proved to be a mistake and it almost scared Caron witless and it took almost 45 minutes to complete the run which normally takes less than 5 minutes. Very frustrating but I can remember standing at the top of the same slopes thinking that this can't possibly be the slope but it is. At one stage, caron was side stepping down a steep portion but then later on skied down an even steeper portion. Very unhappy camper and that was effectively the end of Carons skiing for the day.

By this time the weather was really coming in, loads of snow and fairly strong winds so along with Caron and the van der riets headed home while I headed out to super-morzine where I know the runs fairly well which makes it much easier when you can't really see where one is going.

I did Tetras and Zore and Les Germes I don't know how many times. I kept on getting to the top of the lift and thinking that I'd do just one more and then I'd go home because the conditions really weren't great. For some reason I seem to enjoy it when the conditions are a little challenging but it sure makes you have the correct posture because without having the correct posture, it is just impossible to ski. I finally dragged myself home at 16:30, I'd thought that it was about 14:00 and I had promised to help Caron with the washing. Needless to say I was late and as Carl put it, I'd better prepare for some words.

I had a brief bite to eat before heading down to the laundromat. There isn't much to actually do using the laundromat but I think that it was more for moral support rather than actual help. Walking back in the snow was interesting because walking in the pisten bully tracks it is obvious that they exert far fewer kilograms per square centimetre than a person does.

Had supper before we played individual scrabble which I am not really that good at given my spelling inability. I should really play it more often because I am sure that it is good for the brain.

Crashed at 22:00.

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