Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday 10 Jan, 2008

Our penultimate day of skiing. A very sad fact.

The day turned out to be sunny and warm with a few clouds later on which suited us just fine so we went over to Plaine Dranse again because we enjoyed the skiing yesterday so much. For some reason it just felt like skiing finally clicked and I suddenly found myself actually skiing the reds instead of surviving them. It's a great feeling being able to attack a slope rather than defend one's integrity all the way to the bottom. Having now experienced this, I hope it lasts and that I don't regress next time I go skiing.

Kirsten and Carl seemed to particularly enjoy the U tube run which I think we are going to do again tomorrow. On the ski lift up and out of Plaine Danse I could see the really steep red run we did yesterday and had a birds eye view of an unfolding drama which had me laughing. There was a party of four who really shouldn't have been on the red run but I'm glad they were due to the amusement that they gave me. The first two of the party were stopped about half way down and the third member had fallen about a quarter of the way down but had lost his ski poles above him and this one ski was heading downhill at great speed while the two below desperately tried to get in its path. They succeeded only to have the ski go right through the one's legs and carry on but not too far fortunately for them. Meanwhile, at the top of the slope the fourth one is on his way down to gather the ski poles which, instead of picking them up, trips over him and goes sliding down in a tangle of ski poles and skis right into the third skier knocking him over, again. Just as this is happening another unrelated skier comes haring down and over the edge that starts the steep part fast enough to take off and the landing proves to be spectacular. Ski's flying through the air in all directions ski poles that vanish and the skier slid right to the bottom of the slope which was over about 100m. He just lay there until he went out of view so I don't know if he really hurt himself or not. Best entertainment on a chair lift all holiday.

In the afternoon we all went out skiing on Super Morzine which I enjoyed. Caron is still painfully slow and I think I need to just accept that skiing isn't Caron's cup of tea and that any skiing we do in future isn't because Caron loves it but because I do. This might be why she is insisting that the next holiday we do is going to be a beach holiday – maybe in the far east or something.

After doing Tetras a couple of times with the van der Riets we met Caron at the crepperie at the top of Sarreaseaux for some crepes and Vin Chaud which were absolutely delicious. I had a citron instead of the standard nutella and really enjoyed it. The bill for the table was 35 EUR or R350 for afternoon tea!

Going down Tetras I wasn't exactly going slowly and stopped to wait for everyone else only to find Megan right behind me with the rest of the family out of sight. Megan is the speed queen it seems.

Supper time we had all the left overs from the last couple of weeks which meant a rather eclectic meal. Kirsten got a bee in her bonnet about making chips which she did at great effort and I must say that they were absolutely perfect.

By 20:30 everyone was exhausted and just hanging in there waiting for 21:00 so that we could retire. Skiing tires one out more than one realises which is one of the things that I like about it.

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