Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday 2 Jan, 2008

The day of the big trek over to Morzine. Darrel, Kirsten and I decided to go all the way over to Morzine to check out the skiing there so we were pretty much the first people on the lifts and the sun had only just risen on the higher points. It was great being the first down the runs and it was just an absolutely fresh beautiful day.

It took us and hour to get from Avoriaz to the top of the lifts in Morzine where we decide to have a look at Les Gets which turned out to be an absolutley fantastic days skiing. We even did a few red runs which aren't quite as severe as the red runs around Avoriaz so we coped with them quite well by which I mean, we skied them rather than survived them.

We stopped for lunch at the top of La Rosta which was great, great view, great food albeit a bit expensive. It worked out to be 24 EUR for 3 panini's, two hot chocolates and one Vin Chaux. For some reason things seem more pricey at Morzine, probably to catch all the brits that seem to have invaded here. I was talking to one who told me that he had purchased an apartment for 500 000.00 EUR. Ouch, although I find it hard to believe.

The one red slope we all enjoyed so much that we did it twice, the second time a bit too fast. I went flying past Darrell on the edge of control but managed to keep it all together long enough to slow down. By 13:30 I was starting to get tired and I know that the accidents happen when one is tired so I and Kirsten, thankfully, were keen on heading home. Darrell, on the other hand, just wanted to keep on going and going. I think that he sees his time here running out and he want to do as much as possible so it was a little tricky to cajole him into cutting the afternoon short.

We met everyone on the plateau where Megan and Alistair were practicing on the kiddies slopes. Once the kids had finished we all went over to Le Yeti for some crepes and Vin Chaux. A crepe and a drink each cost 50 EUR and there were only 6 of us but it was very good sitting out there watching the sun go down sipping my Vin Chaux and snacking on a Nutella crepe.

The Vin Chaux went straight to my head and when we got back to the flat, Caron forced me to have another glass so by the time we went up for supper at Heidi and Darrell's I more or less rolled up where I was offered yet more wine, how could I refuse. I should have known that there was going to be an intellectual discussion regarding religion, started by Heidi I might add. I only seem to have these interesting discussions when I am barely able to string two sentences together and now I have to try and spar with both my father and carl who can both more than hold their own even when I haven't been handicapped by the red menace.

After supper all the adults, the younger one's at least, went for a walk around town which looks fantastic at night. They light up the mountain so you get this wonderful scene where the mountains for a backdrop behind the brightly lit town.

Carl and Darrell were looking for a restaurant to take us all out to tomorrow night. I don't want to see this bill but they have been warned. We had a bit of a running snowball fight, again started by Heidi which relieved some of the tension built up earlier during the discussion regarding religion. A restaurant was finally selected and we all buggered off home.

Tonight has been the first night that I haven't been desperate to get to bed by 21:00 and I was still merrily reading “The Long way Down” after 22:00.

The following is Caron and my bedroom, note the wall to wall mattress!

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