Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trainings over ... at last!

This morning was my last ride of any distance and even then it was done at what felt like a fairly relaxed pace. It was great to go up hills at less than 90% max heart rate. Even though we were taking it easy we still averaged 25km per hour on the route which means that I am considerably fitter than I was just a short 6 weeks ago. It feels like much longer ago that we started the intensive training but it isn't and it's hard to believe that 6 weeks ago we were still skiing in Avoriaz and all the training was ahead of me. Talking to some guys that we met this morning who are training for the cape epic, they're tired of the training now and can't wait for the next few weeks to pass and then it's their turn to relax and slow down.

Spent Saturday morning buzzing from shop to shop buying odds 'n sods. I'm sure that I'm taking too much with me so I might have to re-evaluate when I do the final packing into the box provided by the organisers. I'm starting to really look forward to the actual race and the challenge of getting through day 2 which looks like a monster of a day.

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