Sunday, February 17, 2008

Whatever happened to weekends ...

I'm starting to think that cycling has taken over my life because either I am training or I am recovering from the last training session. Not a good situation but at least it isn't for much longer since the Sani2Sea happens at the end of this month and I can take it a bit easier after that.

Caron arrived back from her sojourn to froggy pond (England) and Abu Dhabi last saturday morning so I had to fetch her early in the morning from the airport. It's great to have her back but she went to sleep as soon as we arrived home citing sleep deprivation from the flight. I took the opportunity to go to the shops, it is the first time since mid december that I have been able to get to shops on a saturday morning and I had a lot of catching up to do.

Sunday it was back into training with a 70km ride with Ross who had done a 10km run on Saturday and was feeling the effects thereof. It's the first time that I have known Ross to do anything other than go as fast as is possible so it was really nice to ride at less than max.

Pretty mundane life at the moment, loads of training but not much else.

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