Friday, March 21, 2008

Bafana Bafana

My weekly read of the Mail&Guardian sometimes turns up some surprising stuff such as the explanation as to why our national soccer team persists in performing so poorly.

"Mlungisi Sikhonde, a traditional healer based in Alexandra, Johannesburg, confirmed that he had been approached by football players and believes that the muti he gives them enhances their performance. "It really works if you mix it well. Soccer players come back asking for more muti; they say it opens door that were locked. Sometimes I advise them to put it in their socks. It really works; even if you're unfit you can still score goals", Sikhonde said"

Hmmm! and all this time I thought that it was the coach or the political intrigues of the PSL or the clubs or the players. How wrong can one be, they clearly aren't using Mr Sikhones' muti as much as they should be! Alternatively, maybe the powder is foot specific and they've been putting the left boot powder in the right boot and vice versa. That could also explain it!

For all those first world oke's out there thinking "No wonder Africa is so backward" the first world equivalent is praying for victory before a sporting fixture while the opposition does likewise and then ascribing victory to the intervention of said deity.

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