Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

This has been a pretty boring weekend, I just haven't felt like doing anything so I end up bored but I don't feel like doing anything so I end up bored. It feels a bit like when I had malaria and I was trying to do this mathematical puzzle in my delirious state which, on the one hand, I knew was totally impossible to do mentally but I just couldn't let it go as I drifted in and out of consciousness. It was the most frustrating thing, knowing that it was impossible but not being able to just let it go.

So a brief summary, friday morning Kim and I ran and I just made it home in time to go for a 40km mountain bike ride with Carl which was really great. I almost had a head on collision with a Corgi, we were both in the same deep rut heading in different directions and it was difficult for me to get out over the wall of the rut. The corgi on the other hand fitted in the rut like a pull though in a gun barrel, that is to say perfectly. I don't think he could have got out of the rut if he had wanted to. Got out of the rut just in time which prevented me from having to pacify the owner and explain the tyre marks over the top of his corgi's head.

Quite near the end of the ride, I finally did what I have always wanted to. There were two road cyclists up ahead and about 500m beyond them our turnoff so I came barreling past them at high speed. Being overtaken by a mountain bike if you're on a road bike on the road is just not on so needless to say, they picked up the speed but by the time they would've caught me - I'd turned off, thus denying them the satisfaction of leaving me in their dust. Childish but fun!

That was it for friday, I can't remember anything else other than renting a movie, Dangerous Beauty, which laurel joined us for. Not a bad movie about life during the 16th century in Venice. Saturday disappeared in a fog of inefficiency where although we tried to get things done like buy a replacement fridge for the one kirsten purchased from kim which we were "storing". Not so cheap these fridges. Also went and had a look for gas stoves which Caron still hasn't got her mind around. For some reason, she thinks that they are just going to explode. This is possible but it is also possible that a car might have an accident but that doesn't stop everyone from using cars. Still, we are at a bit of an impasse on the topic of moving to a gas stove but we really do need to look at getting a new stove of some kind.

I was going to meet Glynne for a ride on Sunday morning but he got an abcess under a tooth so bouncing along on a bike was just not going to happen and I ended up doing 70km on my own. I decided to do my normal 70km route backwards and I'm trying to build up more strength so I have limited myself to using 3rd as my lowest gear so some of the hills were pretty tough. Nevertheless I did actually manage it so I am looking forward to a month or two's time when 3rd will be my normal gear. Averaged over 26km/hr which I'm pretty pleased about.

We went to see "Fools Gold" on the circuit on Sunday evening which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing like mindless adventure to help ease the passage of time.

Monday morning I ran to gym, did the circuit, swam a kilometre and then ran back home. 4.5km of running - a milestone for me and no sore knees or ITB or shin splits. Feeling very positive about everything at the moment. I have been designing a headboard for us because, well we don't have one and although it is easy enough to go and buy one - we have yet to see one that we are even ambivalent about let alone one we actually like. Everything we see in the shops is absolutely awful so I've been toying with designs for a while and I have finally settled on one and we have now purchased the wood, all R2200.00 of it. It is definitely not the cheaper option so I really hope it turns out vaguely well.

We went over to kim's for lunch, at Caron's parents invitation, which was very good dining indeed and that brings me up to date and to the end of a very lazy weekend. Looking forward to work tomorrow.

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Heidi and Darrell Bergesen and kids said...

Your weekend sounds too lazy for words. What do you do when you feel like some exercise? Come on Roly, get with the rest of us and sloth a bit!