Friday, March 14, 2008

I forgot to recount

On the second day of the Sani2C Jason took a tumble. The story goes, with slight embellishments by yours truly, that he was overtaken by a comely woman and forgot to watch where he was going. In other words he was perving and this resulted in an altercation with a rock which the rock won hands down. After flying through the air like superman, he landed flat on top of another rock but amazingly no ribs were broken just a little bit banged up and it was only after getting back onto his bike and riding that he became aware that his forearm really hurt due to the large graze suffered in the fall. Nothing one can do about it so he ignored it until later on in the day.

When we were chatting later on he was showing me his war wound and mentioned that he really needed to put some antiseptic something on it. Fortunately for him, I happened to have something that would do just the trick. As I was pulling the bottle out he looked anxiously at it remarking "That's not mecurochrome is it because that hurts like blazes?". I assured him that it wasn't and sprayed the methiolate all over the graze and watched as he turned white from the pain - methiolate is significantly more painful than mecurochrome. Writing about it now, I feel kind of bad that I gloated in someone else's pain but given the state that I myself was in - it can not be said that I was of sound mind and there is definitely a truism in that if one is having a tough time, all you have to do is find someone that is having an even tougher time and you feel instantly better.

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