Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Pain has gone

After a week recuperating, I am finally able to sit on a chair in a more or less normal position again to recount my experiences of the "Subaru Sani2C 2008" as the entertainment hosts never failed to mention to us. They (the hosts) were amazing and managed to slip it into the dialog even when it detracted from the dialog. Sort of, Oh! there's a silence, we'd better fill it with something - and "Subaru Sani2C" would bellow over the speakers.

What have I learned from this :
1. I think that bicycle toolkits should come with an extra thingamyjig which could loosely be termed the "Saddle Extractor".
2. 5-6 weeks of intense training is simply not enough to ensure a pain free Sani2C. Morphine and myprodol are far more effective.
3. Choice of partner is very important and I got really lucky having Sid as a partner.
4. The more pain an event generates, the greater the sense of achievement one gets from finishing it.

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