Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great Weekend!

It would have had an absolutely perfect weekend last weekend if it wasn't for having to say goodbye to Caron. She buggered off to Bahrain for a few days on business on Saturday evening leaving me to my own devices for a few days.

I've started running to the gym, doing the super-circuit, a kilometer swim and then running back home on Saturday mornings and this is proving to be a very enjoyable manner in which to start the weekend.

The motorbike boots I have aren't really adequate for any off-road riding so I've been looking for a while to buy a new set of riding boots but I just haven't managed to find ones that I really like - until last weekend that is. As luck would have it, not only did I find ones that I actually like and that really fitted me but they were on special as well - bonus!

We spent the afternoon watching rugby and getting ready to take caron to the airport which was pretty relaxing and after I had dropped her, I spent most of the rest of the evening at exclusive books due to the load shedding at home.

Sunday morning saw me donning my new boots and heading down to the Vaal for my first "breakfast run" on the GS. I found getting used to the boots a bit traumatic because they are so stiff that you can't feel the gear lever and it was on more than one occasion that I tried to change into a higher gear only to find that I had not yet released the gear lever from the previous change - effectively preventing me from changing up again. Very disconcerting.

Motorbikes don't make the most comfortable of touring vehicles and the trip to the vaal and back isn't just the boring hour that it is in the car - traveling on the bike turns the trip into an experience. On the bike one is constantly adjusting for the wind and although I can't say my butt got sore, I can see that on a long ride it could get excruciating. Bikers obviously have a bad reputation as far as traffic cops are concerned because every bike going through the roadblock on the R59 south was being stopped. There were a couple of disconsolate bikers sitting on the side of the road, right next to the taxi drivers, waiting to taken off to chukkie but I don't feel sorry for them at all.

I arrived at the vaal and handed in my resignation at the yacht club and put adverts for my portion of the yacht up at manten marina, ldyc and dac. From what dickie was saying, there are several buyers looking for holiday 23's but they all want 100% ownership. Nonetheless, I'll try to sell the 50% for a month or two.

Sunday afternoon was spent on a ride out to Northern Farm with Carl which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is such a novel experience to be the stronger of the riders that I can really cruise and just enjoy the ride. I haven't done the ride out to Northern farm for a while and one can see that the epic and the sani are over because there are hardly any bike tracks on the route and there are new dongas in places which I wasn't expecting. Carl came a cropper a couple of times but seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the ride as well.

Arriving home I saw several SMS's and missed calls from Laurel asking that I come over early for supper - this was when I was already 30 minutes late. Oh well, win some - lose some. Had a pleasant dinner with the Holmes family before retiring exhausted to bed.

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