Monday, April 28, 2008

Sentech Sucks

Ok, I've had it with Sentech! I have been an unhappy customer of Sentech's for four years and I can no longer take it so I have moved to iBurst even though I have it on good authority that Sentech's technology is superior to iBurst's.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of my woes with Sentech.
  • Cut off for R5.30 (about $0.75c) over my limit. No warning emails were received even though that was part of the service.
  • They 'forgot' to bill me for about six months and then wanted a lump sum payment.
  • Refused to support me because I use the modem on a network to give the network access to the internet.
  • Refused to support me because I don't use windows as an operating system.
  • Performed a network upgrade resulting in the firmware in my particular modem no longer working.
  • Modem locks up periodically and needs to be reset.
  • Base stations/signal not always available.
  • Download speeds vary between 200B/s to 150KB/s but are typically of the order of 40-70KB/s.
  • Cut off SMTP access from Sentech's network to other networks. No notification given.

I would admit that some of these like the firmware upgrade are difficult to predict in reality but customers are not the enemy here.

Anyway, I am now happily on iBurst which gives me a fairly consistent download speed of 100KB/sec which although slower than the higher speeds on Sentech still give me faster download times because the network is more stable.

The reason that I stuck it out so long with Sentech is the price of the wireless modem I had to buy but moving to iBurst they just about give their modem away all but removing it as a barrier to adoption.

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