Sunday, May 18, 2008

UK in Crisis!

Excerpts from "The Sunday Telegraph" - 18th May 2008
  • "Superbugs cause more than 6000 deaths in UK hospitals in 2006 - a fourfold increase from 2001."
  • "Police seize 900 weapons over a two year period. This only covers police confiscations - there are up to 8000 confiscations per week according to teachers unions."
  • "Richard and myself were partners for 11 years. On the face of it everything was perfect. We had a six bedroom house and I had a lovely, tall, good-looking husband. I had ticks in all the materialistic boxes. I had security ... but not enough excitement. We split because I needed to find out who I was, not because there was anything specially wrong. I saw I needed to make big changes if I was to be proud of my life" - Roz Savage
  • "It scarcely made the headlines: after all, fatal stabbings are two-a-penny now. ... That lightness is no more. In British towns and cities, now, people carry a silent weight of fear."
  • "The government is staring at a corporation tax black hole of more than 10bn GBP per year, as the pensions crisis ravages companies' balance sheets."
These cherry picked excerpts from the Sunday Telegraph which, in itself, are from the cherry picked articles that the telegraph chose to publish - picture a nation in crisis. My view is that the nation isn't in crisis but it is in newspapers interest to present it as such in order to sell.

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