Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Graeme Codrington and Hannah's rules

I had a very strange experience on thursday night last week. Kim and Laurel invited me to go and see Graeme Codrington talk at a charity fund raiser which, having no idea of who exactly he was, landed me in the Rosebank Union church. I haven't been in a church for a good many years now and it was quite strange to be back but in some ways, it was like I had never been away. The manner of the MC and the analogies and stories that he used were old 15 years ago, it was a bit like being in a time warp.
We had just sat down and there was "Hello Roland" from the row behind from someone that, although I recognised the face, for the life of me I couldn't remember a name. If I looked to the left and the right, there were people I knew so not only did the topics remain static but the people seem to have been pretty static as well.
The speech entitled "Hannah's Rules" by Graeme Codrington was quite good in the way he packaged the message that he was trying to get across. There wasn't anything really new in what he said and I really hope it wasn't news to the majority of people in the audience but it was nicely put together and every little bit of exposure helps. Hannah's rules comes from graeme's daughter who, although young, is already concerned with the environment and the ethics of people who damage the environment and she is just typical of the new generation of consumers and employees. If you, as a business person, want to remain in business in the coming years you need to recognise that the people you are going to be employing and selling your goods and services to are going to hold you to a different ethical scale to the one that you are used to. Be prepared for them or be irrelevant. Even better, being prepared for them can actually save you money in the here and now.

At least it was for a good cause at least - I think!

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