Monday, December 29, 2008

Some presents are more effort than one thinks

A few months ago Kim and I were standing under her large Pin Oak looking up into the branches and discussing how it was just begging to have a tree house built in it. Little did I know just how much effort building a tree house 5m off the ground actually is but now I know so my career as a builder of tree houses is officially over and emotional blackmail isn't going to bring me out of retirement.

It's not that it is that difficult, it's just really awkward working between the ground and 5m off the ground. The first thing was to build the "A" shaped structure on the ground which I then lifted into the tree with a minor whoopsy on the way but nothing broken or damaged. Once in the tree I added on the rectangular piece which one can't quite see in the picture. Having finished that I put the OSB board on and nailed it in place and rigged the suspension wires to points that weren't resting on boughs. A dash of paint and 20 hours of work later; voila! I really hope that Samuel and Hannah use it because if they don't; I'll be a bit pissed off to put it mildly.

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