Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh No! Not AGAIN!

It was a week almost to the hour that we had had the armed robbery that we had yet another break in. This time we weren't at home thankfully so we arrived home to find that the bedroom window and the 'intruder proof' lounge window weren't so intruder proof after all! I would hazard a guess that these two incidents were related. The second group weren't the same as the first I think but were definitely looking for the replacements that were a result of the first. Unlucky for them, the first group got away with just about everything and the second got away with just about nothing, I think the only thing they actually took was a 7" digital picture frame without the power adapter. What all these guys (I assume it was guys) do with the electronic equipment without the power adapters is beyond me. In particular the apple equipment has special power supplies and one can't just go and buy them. So now, on top of all the work to repair the damage done last weekend we now have to replace window and clean up the house - again!

Strangely, although the second incident wasn't as physically intimidating it has had a far more severe psychological affect on us so instead of sleeping in a glass covered bedroom with no windows we went and stayed in the sandton holiday inn for the evening. When I was parking the car I didn't know that there was reserved parking for hotel residents so I parked in sandton square and then tried to move it. Unfortunately for me, leaving co-incided with the end of some huge event and the queues for the parking payment were literaly about 40 people deep so I went in search of another pay station and each one I got to had a similar queue or was out of order and my sense of humour was fading fast with each successive one. So in addition to all the normal last minute things that have to be attended to when going overseas we had to get the glass replaced, alarm repaired, gate remotes replaced and re-programmed, garage door lifter fixed, electric fence fixed and so on. Damn but I really actually do need a very long holiday!

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