Friday, April 17, 2009

Aiguestorres National Park

Well, today didn't work out quite as planned. We had a pretty comfortable night even though the weather was really cold and headed out for the park at about 10:00 and arrived about an hour later.

The brochures have pictures of azure lakes and green meadows but it turns out that we are way too early for that. The azure lakes look like the picture below; pretty but not quite what we were expecting!

This is actually a dam but the lakes are even higher and we canceled the hike we were going to do when we found out that we would have to do it in snowshoes which would have been fun but we really aren't kitted out to go out into the mountains and especially if the weather was to turn nasty which it can do quite quickly.

So, now having a full day of nothing we were mooching around and found the church of st. Joan pictured below which was interesting mainly because it was so utterly different to the cathedrals in that it was plastered and painted. Apparently this church is from the 12th century and is typical of Romanesque art and churches in this region.

It had a bell tower which we were able to climb up into which had magnificent views but was really chilly and windy.

Having done the churchy thingy we ventured up the other road through boi and ended up at a ski resort for a bit to eat and some coffee in the cafeteria while we watched the skiers coming down the pistes. Fantastic snow and I was tempted but Caron forbade me from going skiing although it has started me looking forward to next years trip.

From the ski resort we came back down and to the campsite and spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sunshine or, when it clouded over, we went and hid in the dining room where it was warm and best of all, it had an internet connection!

We're looking forward to barcelona and hoping it is going to be much warmer and drier!

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