Saturday, May 02, 2009

Alpe d'Huez to Annercy

I wasn't feeling so well today, it started with a bit of a sore throat last night and by this morning it was a really sore throat so I've dosed myself up to the gills with vitamin c and hope that it doesn't get any worse. It didn't seem to get any worse but looking back on the day; I definitely wasn't well and I hope tomorrow is better.

We had another absolutely gorgeous day, every sun day is fantastic when one has been used to rain and cold. We packed up and headed out for Annercy but first I had to change the front left tyre. The alignment is out so it is making short work of the left tyre and I already don't have any tread on the inside of the type. I'm going to change it with the spare and then get the alignment done when the shops are open somewhere in italy, probably while we are in venice. So while Caron shopped up a storm, I changed the wheel in the parking lot and checked the tyre pressures while i was about it. These shopping malls with petrol stations attached are really quite useful.

It was quite a short drive to Annercy (pronounced 'aan' as in aankom and 'si' as in yes) which is just spectacularly beautiful. The town is clustered around the outflow of a natural lake and the waters edge is given over to parks and recreational areas. Best of all, there is a cycle come rollerblade track which seems to go all the way around the lake which is a very long way to rollerblade. Rollerblading looks so cool, I think I'm going to have to take the plunge when I get home. Not sure where I'll do it but I'm sure samuel will help on that score. While we were wandering around Annercy we had coffee on the foreshore at a boules club which is just like a bowls club when it comes to the ages of the members but lacks the lush green lawns since boules is played on pretty much any surface although sand or gravel seems to be preferred.

I was very tired and Caron had to take of the driving duties for a while which I think she found a bit nerve wracking especially after trying to go up a street on the wrong side and giving near heart failure to the oncoming car not to mention ourselves. Nothing happened but I think Caron might be a bit reluctant to get behind the wheel again. She disagrees of course!

This is the view from our tent this evening so in spite of feeling pretty miserable most of the day, it wasn't all bad.

Oh, Caron bought me some olives to cheer me up so I sat looking at the view and reading while drinking wine and eating olives.

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