Thursday, May 21, 2009


We woke up an hour before we docked in Dubrovnik so it was just enough time to get some breakfast along with the atrocious coffee they dispense, pack and be ready to disembark. Our adventure on the ferry over although we were still half expecting to be turned away because our papers were not in order. It was a great relief when we passed through immigration and customs with barely a stop to get a stamp and out into the streets of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik really does look just like a postcard, the campground was 4km away and by 08:30 we had pitched camp and settled in for the day. Aside from changing some money into Kuna, buying some groceries we did absolutely nothing until 16:00 when we went down to the beach for a swim. Nothing that is besides read, type and relax. We're both looking forward to a major change of pace for a couple of days.
The beaches here aren't sand, they're pebbley so they're a bit eina on the feet but it seems that even the locals find it uncomfortable so we didn't feel too much like woes's. The weather here is awesome, it is really hot but if one can stay in the shade there is a gentle breeze and it is very pleasant indeed. I managed to get Caron into the water but not to get her to swim with me out to the line of buoys which demarcate the swimming area. I sat out on the buoys for about 15 minutes watching the passing boat traffic and savouring the cool mediterannean.

At about 19:00 we went into the old part of Dubrovnik to walk around the walls but they closed 5 minutes before we got there so we spent some time exploring and stumbled on this seaside cafe just outside the walls on the rocks. It was just too fantastic watching the yachts sail past as the sun slowly sank not to mention the swimmers swimming from a island almost a kilometer away. Sitting there, beer in hand, was absolutely idyllic. Dubrovnik isn't grand or ostentatious but it is clean and well cared for and is in that wonderful place where it is tourist friendly but not yet a tourist trap.

Best of all, there aren't too many cars and it is possible to find parking on the street and even better there are loads of parking garages available as well. What a pleasure after Italy!

Back at the camp we made some seafood pasta for supper and then crawled into bed exhausted after our day of relaxation.

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