Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Travel day from Plitvica to Balaton

Today was one of those days when not a lot happened. We packed up early at the Korana campsite and headed north going around Zagreb. We were wondering whether we should stop in Zagreb but couldn't find anything that really interested us so we decided to skip it, time will tell if this was a mistake or not.

Just before the border with Hungary we stopped in Gorican and spent the remainder of our Kuna's on groceries so that we didn't have the hassle of changing Kuna's into Florints or huffs (currency code is HUF) as Caron is fond of calling them. We now have 0.1 Kuna left which is about 0.015 Euro, i.e. not much at all.

The drive wasn't very long but by the time we had arrived at lake Balaton we were both unusually tired. The brochure on the campsite promises us this ...

but this is what we actually got ...

... and by the time that we realised that we had picked a lemon, it was too late. It wasn't that the facilities were actually dirty, it was just really rundown and unpleasant and had lots of bugs and mosquitoes. Some campsites have a good feeling about them and some don't; this one was one of those that don't. In hindsight we should have taken not of the almost complete absence of other tourists and headed for another site but we didn't. It's a real pity because it could be a really nice campsite with a little investment and a lot of hard work. If anyone is heading towards lake Balaton then we have to say that Napsugar is one to avoid completely.

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