Monday, June 22, 2009

Farewell to Eindhoven, hello Zeebrugge

We had a leisurely start to the morning because we actually didn't have too far to travel and said our fond farewells to the Whitwards and we hope to see them the next time that they're in South Africa which isn't too far in the future. I forgot to get a photograph of the whole Whitward clan so I think that I'm going to be in trouble when I get back. The drive was very uneventful other than mabel getting us lost in Ghent for about 20 minutes. We were actually wanting to camp in Brugge but there are no campsites in Brugge and the one's that used to exist have closed down so we ended up in a campsite south of Zeebrugge which proved to be a very viable alternative.

The afternoon was spent lounging around and reading, I've become hooked by a novel and I have to finish it before I can continue with life. Nevertheless, at about 18:00 Caron dragged me out of my cave to go and have a look at the seaside; it looks just like Brighton according to Caron.

There are hundreds of wooden huts on the beach which look like changeing rooms but since they have names on them I suspect that some people block book them and then rent them out piecemeal; how else would a 'beach' attract the name of 'Jerome'?

Back at the campsite we had pasta and pesto for supper before a nice long hot shower and then lights out. Of course the sun only actually goes down after 22:00 and even Caron is starting to complain that this is just too much daylight; the days ought to get shorter. Well, in a few days time her wish will become reality when we land in Johannesburg in the middle of winter when they have the shortest of their days.

We are starting to get into "last time we'll do this more" and the larder is starting to look a bit bare as we run everything down for when we arrive in the UK. It does lead to some unusual meals but so far we have avoided having anything like sardines and condensed milk.

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