Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lindau to Lucerne

So now we know! We used 0.12Kwh to charge our two phones and run the laptop for a few hours so baulking at paying 5EUR at some campsites really was over the top. Internet connectivity at Lindau came in at 8EUR per hour; that kind of money would definitely have IS drooling!

We really seem to be timing it well; another absolutely atrocious day to be driving. Loads and loads of rain and poor visibility and the ice-cream van doesn't like cold wet weather and squeals a lot which is very annoying.

Packing up the gear ahead of the approaching weather we left just as it started to pour with rain and we crossed the border into Austria before we knew it. I really like these border crossings especially coming from Africa where crossing the border can take absolutely ages, in fact I normally allocate half a day and make sure that we're at the border post first thing and try to avoid weekends and definitely public holidays.
It wasn't very long before we passed into Switzerland where we had to buy yet another vignette but this time it cost a whopping 30EUR but there's no choice, one has to buy a full year. There is no option to buy 10days or a months vignette, a full year is the only option.

As we went through the border post we were told that we could buy the vignette a little along and to the right which I took to mean drive 20m and turn right but that isn't at all what I should have done and we ended up halfway down an on-ramp. Caron, not so politely, let me know that I'd made a wrong turn which put me in a bad mood for a few hours. Sometimes it's not what one says but how one says it.

Moving on we drove through Vaduz which is the capital of Liechenstein which really looked like a provincial dorp and especially in the pouring rain. We needed to get some fuel and some money and it took a while to sort these things out so that we were able to do some shopping because fuel wasn't the only thing we were running out of.

Arriving in Lucerne the campsite was located next to what looked like a cement factory so we decided, wisely, to go to another one and found a fantastic one. On top of that, the weather cleared a bit as did my mood. The weather here is wierd, one moment it is bright sunshine and then there are 50 drops of rain, just enough to make one take cover, before the sunshine returns. Very annoying!

We tried to go for a walk but didn't take our umbrellas along because it looked like the weather had cleared and we ended up running back in the middle of quite a heavy downpour which stopped as we got home.

Supper was scrambled eggs and bread which went down really well after the obligatory wine and cheese snacks. Our apologies about the lack of photo's but there was a distinct lack of subject matter today; hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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