Wednesday, June 24, 2009

London, here we come!

Eish! Our holiday is all but dead, it feels like there is little left but to get on the plane and fly back home. Both Caron and I were a little quiet and introspective during the drive up to London.

The day started off a bit awkwardly because the reception was still closed at 8:30 and we were told that it would only open at 10:30 which was far too late to make it to the chunnel on time. Fortunately they didn't give us too much trouble and opened up especially for us and with that done, it was only a couple of hours before we found ourselves at Calais. We checked in, bought some coffee and tried to spend our last few remaining euros before driving onto the train. We had just a little bit of excitement when we went through passport control because as of 1 July all South Africans have to have visas in order to enter the UK. Even though we should have been fine, there is always a chance that they have changed the rules or we were told an incorrect date which would have been a real problem. As it turned out we needn't have worried. An hour later we emerged into the English sunshine and having to remember that one has to drive on the left. It took some getting used to, much more than I would have expected.

We arrived at John and Julies at about midday and spent the afternoon unpacking and repacking everything ready to go into the plane on Friday. Not a whole lot else to write about.

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