Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Month!

I can't believe that it has actually been a whole month since we returned. It has gone by so fast; getting back into work, seeing friends and family and of course endless trips to the shopping malls. Since pretty much every electronic item we had was stolen from us just before we left life seems to be one long shopping spree which, under normal circumstance, would be pretty cool.

My words of advice to anyone out there contemplating an extended trip like the one we just did and are worried about what it does to one's job. Well the answer is pretty much nothing as far as I can tell so far. What is nice is that people around one at work mature and take on more responsibility which is a really good thing especially in a small company.

I have finally taken delivery of my new car which is a 4x4, I never thought I would ever own a 4x4 but here I am, a proud owner of a Fortuner. Seeing as the garage offered a free 4x4 course I *just* had to take them up. For some reason I thought that the Fortuner was 4x4 'lite' i.e. it could go off road but would struggle a bit when it came to any real off-road action. Being a newcomer my standards may be a bit wierd but what we did on the course was pretty amazing and the car really just drove itself. I can't quite see where the skill comes in; it was just like driving a car albeit up and down 40deg hills. Pretty amazing stuff. I'll take a picture of the car on the weekend and post it complete with real african dust!

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