Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The outdoors invade ...

I'm not sure about other people but I quite like plants and insects and, preferably, animals to be on the outside of the house and not inside the house.

I was walking through the lounge after a hard hours training and having finished the morning coffee in the glorious morning sunshine when something caught my eye that just didn't look right. Sure enough, we're being invaded by insects; in this case ants and they're using my lounge as a vegetable patch. Little squatters! This is what the vegetable patch looks like, you can see the skirting boards in the background.

I have a horrible feeling that the stuff the mushrooms are growing in is reprocessed skirting board which means that I will have to replace these at some stage.

I am already replacing the skirtings in the passage because they are completely eaten away but one would never know. Somehow they manage to leave a 'skin' of about 1/2 a mm of wood so it all looks fine until one day someone bumps the skirting at which point all is revealed!

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