Thursday, December 30, 2010

L'Orangerie and EuroDisney

We're doing something different today and sending Kirsten, Carl and Caron with all the children off to Disneyland while Kim and I visit a gallery or two. As it turned out we only got to one gallery but it as really good.

My holiday routine is to wake up early before anyone else so that I can blog but today, the moment my foot stepped outside the bedroom I could hear the minions getting up. As soon as the first adult gets up then that is the signal that they are also allowed to get up so I get to make the three little ones some hot chocolate every morning. Because Disneyland is a long day everyone was up early so my morning period of peace and quiet was not to be.

After the hordes departed Kim and I left for L'Orangerie which was blissfully free of crowds so early in the morning and we, I think, both really enjoyed the Waterlilly Series by Monet. There were a number of other paintings but the star attraction was definitely the Monet's.

Kim wanted to have the authentic Paris experience and go shopping at Galleries Lafayette which is a huge department store but, unlike Johannesburg, where designer kit is in specialist boutique shops, Lafayette is full of the stuff. What is considered Designer in Johannesburg is simply another brand in the department store. Caron, not being the shopping type, this was a new experience for me, traipsing after Kim while she tried to find some things to spend money on. She eventually settled on a new knee-length jacket which makes her look like a real Parisian; who, by the way, dress in a pretty uniform black, dark brown or grey so the odd visitor like myself, wandering around in bright red, really stands out as a non-Parisian.

On the way to the Galleries we stopped in at what we would call a delicatessen and had a bite to eat and some coffee while we watched the world walk past which is where we came to the conclusion that the Parisian's favour the 'dull' colours. Walking into Galleries there is lots of colour on display and for sale but not much in the way of people actually wearing it.

From there Kim and split up, she went on the city bus guided tour while I came home to have a quiet afternoon reading and writing which I really enjoyed. Just around the corner is this house that, if my interpretation is correct, is condemned but at the moment is being held together/up by the scafolding in the photograph.

Kim eventually arrived home at about 17:30 and we organised cheese, wine and supper for the disneyland voyagers who arrived at 18:30 (Caron and Sage) and about 19:30 (Kirsten and Carl) carrying mementoes of their visit. Caron had a near thing, she put the cover for the camera in one zip up pocket and the camera in the other for some reason and in one of the lines, the camera bag disappeared so we had to come all the way to Paris to get pick pocketed! As it turns out I just need to buy another bag which is a great deal less annoying than having to buy another camera.

While we were having supper, Megan was munching on a 500mm marshmallow so I picked up the other end which she obviously took great exception to because she let me have it with a right hook, much to my and everyone else's surprise. So I now have a black eye compliments of Megan, one of those little incidents which happen in the blink of an eye and is going to follow Megan for decades.

I'm going to let Caron write up the experiences of the Day at Disneyland.

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