Saturday, January 01, 2011

Montmartre and Sacre Coeur

I stayed in bed all morning because my better half said that I had to. This was made significantly easier by the fact that I was still having feverish periods so I didn't really want to get up in any case but by lunch time I had had enough and felt well enough to get up. I could feel that I wasn't quite right but well enough to get up and out.

The only thing I still wanted to do, other than go to Versailles, was to go and walk around Montmartre, see Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge which we did manage with everyone in tow.
Montmartre was a very pleasant walk although there were quit a number of people so one had to walk with purpose through the crowds rather than do the polite thing and walk around people. I wasn't sure how much of this Caron would be able to handle but she seems to be getting better at handling these situations. We were accosted by a pesky hawker who, judging from his english, his attitude and height, must be from Nigeria. Just like in Pisa, they just won't leave one alone and, like sage, 'No' gets translated into 'Yes'. Unlike sage, when they stand in your space, it's very annoying.
Quite near the top of Monmartre, we stopped at what is obviously a tourist cafe so I wasn't expecting much in the way of culinary delights. It was a pleasant surprise that the coffee and the nutella crepe were both very good. Carl was very put out that the cafe noir was 2.50 and the cafe au lait was 4.50 which means that it was 2 euro for a dash of lait.
I just had to take of photograph of the moulin rouge, Carl wanted to know if I wanted to go which I politely declined. Not sure the rest of the party would have appreciated the show as much as Carl and I would have!

I could feel that I was starting to fade because I could feel the cold starting to seep through. I wasn't the only one though, Sage was walking with her eyes closed which was very funny at the start of end of steps where her legs did this sort of cycling motion in the air or she lurched off the edge and sort of dangled in the air from Kims arm.

Hennie and Diedre came over and we had a very pleasant evening although I was in trouble from the the women for suggesting that French Designer apparel was the same as Woolies apparel which wasn't really my point but it took a while to clear that up; perhaps I should have elucidated it more clearly but between whisky, wine and being a bit sick, my head was feeling a bit fuzzy. I even told hennie that 7+5 was 13 so I definitely couldn't have been thinking too clearly.

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