Monday, January 10, 2011

Ski poles and Doggie doo!

It is rumoured that there are more dogs than children in Paris which, judging from the amount of doggie droppings on the pavements could well be true. It's difficult to judge since french children, unlike their poodles, have made the evolutionary leap to porcelain. Thankfully!

When we arrived at Les Menuires we walked into a beautiful, clean apartment with white snow drifts on the balcony. Enchanting but little did we know that beneath the drifts lurked the evidence of untrained french poodles. It was very disconcerting to have the frozen turds slowly appear from the depths as the drifts melted away in the warm weather of a few days ago, it just takes some of the magic out of the snow drifts.

Skiing entails a fair amount of time spent on ski lifts watching the scenery go by and one of the games we play is spot the ski pole or, if you're lucky, a ski that some unhappy ex-owner dropped. The snow, like with the turds, covers these up with time so the number that we see is only a fraction of those dropped which means that some poor, keeping in the scatalogical allegory, turd has to walk all the ski-lift lines during the spring to pick up all the detritus of the skiing fraternity. I guess it could be worse, thankfully dogs are not welcome on the ski lifts!

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