Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Central Kalahari, Deception Campsite and Sunday Pan

Water consumption, Drinking : 13l
Water consumption, Washing : 35l
Fuel consumption : 1/2 tank left.

Woke up late, graeme awoke very late; he only emerged from his beauty sleep at about 09:30 just in time for the pancake breakfast which the ladies had kindly made for us.  Unlike at passarge, there was nary a bee to be seen which was a relief.  I don't know if it is our newfound regimen or that there just happen to not be any bees around here but either way; it's good for me.

Deception Valley campsite.  There are actually several of them but this gives a good indication of what they are like.  Note the long drop and the shower in the background.  Very nicely designed and made I must say.

The morning was spent lazing around doing admin stuff like writing the blog up, fixing things and repacking stuff.  We are starting to get ourselves sorted out and a semblance of organisation.  I'm not officially OCD but sometimes I really wonder.  The bash plate which I removed last night is a bit of a problem because it is a very awkward size and shape but we were lucky and there was a perfect hole under the roof top tents on graeme's card which we managed to squeeze it into after loosening a few bolts.  Now I wait to see it I stop attracting grass by the bushel and shake my "Rolux Magnum" nickname.

My morning chore was to make the bread for todays as well as tomorrows lunch.  I have never made bread before so it was a little bit of an experience, I liked the kneading; it was very therapeutic.  Bread making is quite a process, do this and then wait, do something else and wait some more but at last it was done and we popped it into the oven and 45minutes later we had a great batch of fresh bread rolls.  It was a great success and now we wait to see how they fare until tomorrows lunch.

We had planned to take an afternoon drive up to Sundays and Leopard pans for sundowners but left a little late and spent too much time having sundowners so we never really had a good look at Leopard pan which we have now passed twice, both times in the dark.
 Sundowners at the Sundays Pan waterhole.  I had a hearstopping moment when I thought I had fed a bacon kip into my turbo chargers intercooler.  That would not have been very cool at all but fortunately the designers foresaw little whoopsies like this and there was no harm done.
The water hole at Sundays is an artificial waterhole serviced by a solar panel powered pump.  Graeme saw the water and immediately filled up one of his jerry cans with green slimy water which was so salty that it made sea water taste unsalted.  Later when graeme and gill were showering there were cries of pain from the shower cubicle, firstly because gill likes her showers hot and it scalded graeme's sensitive skin and secondly, some of the salty water got into their eyes and stung like mad.

We knew that tomorrow was going to be a very long day so we packed as much as we possibly could up in the evening so we only got to bed at about 12:00 which means a truncated sleep.

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