Sunday, April 15, 2012

Central Kalahari, Zeerust to home

Water consumption, Drinking : Who cares!
Water consumption, Washing : Who cares!
Fuel consumption : I care but at least it is back down to a more normal 11l/100km

Woke up after spending the night stuck in the hole that is in the middle of the mattress.  They really need to change these mattresses, I ended up sleeping with the edge of the bed in the middle of my back so that the bed had some support in it.  In spite of this we had a really good nights sleep and after a great breakfast were were off.

Caron, graeme, gill and myself had a bit of a philosphical discussion after breakfast since we weren't in anything of a rush, I forget what we talked about but I was surprised that we hadn't had that type of conversation before on the trip.  I think that the amount of work and energy that goes into a trip like this is something the guide books simply don't mention; it is not an easy holiday.  If you aren't driving then you're making something to eat, eating it, or washing up; it didn't leave a huge amount of time for everyone to just sit back and relax which is something I would change on future trips by spending an extra day in each camp.  Especially after a hard days travel.

We were just passing Rustenberg when the first phone call arrived and all the cares and worries of regular life came flooding back.  I hadn't realised that I had completely left work and normal life behind which, for me, is the mark of a great holiday.

My conclusion, it ain't an easy trip but it is absolutely worth the effort.

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