Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day one of idleness

We were up and about early, for holiday that is, before 07:00 so that I could catch the morning light. Rob and Viv had already moved over to the eastern side of the island to greet the day so we weren't actually that early.

The view from the top of kubu is amazing looking out over the salt pans which don't end for as far as the eye can see.  Although it is called an island, kubu island has no water around it at all.  This apparently changes during the wet season when there is up to knee deep water on the pans and kubu island is, at least more or less, actually an island surrounded by water.

We put up our new awning in the morning because, although we are in shade, it isn't deep shade and I need something to hide under.  The awning was a rushed purchase where one isn't quite sure what one actually wants but one runs out of time to make a decision and, as is normally the case, the decision turns out to be less than optimal.  There are so many awning designs available so clearly, nobody has actually aced it and I'm going to have to work out something for myself.

We took a midday walk far out into the pan which is cracked and quite firm but it would be a big mistake to take the seeming uniformity of how it looks for uniformity of what lies underneath.  Even just walking on the surface one can feel the sponginess of some sections in comparison to other sections.  We followed some tracks far out into the pan and could clearly see where some people had tried to turn around only to get all four wheels stuck; that must have preceeded some really frantic digging to extricate themselves.

Back at the camp Rob made some home made bread which we all enjoyed but other than that it was a very quiet day.  Perfect.

Ethene and Lize homeschool their children which led to a bit of a discussion about homeschooling but we restrained ourselves and didn't wade in.

We really enjoyed the relaxed pace particularly after the driving for the last three days.

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